XL Popcorn – Field of Dreams

List Item: Watch all of the “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die”
Progress: 674/1007
Title: Field of Dreams
Directors: Phil Alden Robinson
Year: 1989
Country: USA

Having sat through Field of Dreams I have the urge to keep this extremely short and exclaim: “what was the point of this movie!” I mean how did this film manage to snag itself a nomination for Best Picture over the likes of Crimes and Misdemeanours, Do The Right Thing, When Harry Met Sally or sex, lies and videotape? Is it just a case of a film ageing poorly, or am I just immune to this type of schmaltz… maybe a bit of both?

In any case, a film shouldn’t make me feel actually angry when I watch it. They’re clearly aiming for a feel-good film in the same ilk of It’s A Wonderful Life or A Christmas Story, it’s just that (at least for me) it fails spectacularly because it is so profoundly unbelievable. For example: why is the wife so quick to agree to putting their family on the path to financial failure because her husband heard voices as he was roaming the cornfield? How does the time travel work? Don’t the baseball players have better things to do than put on a constant show at some random’s farm in Iowa? Did we watch a character commit suicide whilst a little girl happily waved goodbye?

So yes, instead of being fantastical and magical, Field of Dreams just felt stupid. I don’t get it and, honestly, I don’t really care to get it. I’m just weirdly disappointed that something that became such a huge cultural touchstone was just so blah.

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