Good Eatin’ – Rowan Jelly On Toasts

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die
Progress: 706/751Food item: Rowan Jelly

Aside from near misses in speciality stores, the future of this food list will be relying on trips abroad and internet orders. Today’s list food comes from a place called Uncle Roy’s and is a jar of speciality jelly made from rowan berries. I would have spread this on something a bit more interesting than these little melba toasts, but I’m back on the weight loss kick. Hopefully this time

Whilst this is, by all definitions, a jelly rather than a jam – the first taste really made me think of a smooth marmalade. There is a bitterness to this, which is tempered by the use of apple, that makes this very different to other sweet spreads derived from berries. The likeness to marmalade also comes through from the bright orange colour, which shines like a beacon when next to the light in the fridge.

There is an almost savoury sweetness to this sticky spread that also helps to set this rowan jelly apart and, probably, led to its inclusion on the food list. It’s definitely better on a cracker than the cloudberry jam I had a year ago… may not need to resort to mixing this with Pepsi Max in order to get rid of it.

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