Good Eatin’ – Balik Smoked Salmon

To celebrate my husband turning 33 we made a trip back to the Netherlands to visit the in-laws and my niece who is gets exponentially bigger and more excitable every time I see her.

Since we were flying out on his actual birthday, we decided to share some breakfast at one of those Caviar House & Prunier stands that you find in a bunch of airports. I mean, when they have a breakfast menu with a food list item on it… well it would be almost criminal to miss out on this one.

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die
Progress: 702/751Food item: Balik Smoked Salmon

Eating this it’s hard not to feel fancy. I mean this is a place that I won’t be revisiting until I have £180 to burn on the smallest amount of beluga caviar, which feels like the tenth of never because that is a legitimately stupid amount to spend on any single piece of food unless it is super rare like luvar.

So what makes Balik salmon any different from regular smoked salmon? Well, it’s done with Norwegian salmon in a Swiss oven using allegedly-Russian techniques. Guess this makes it a truly international piece of food craft.

The smoked salmon itself has a very subtle smoked flavour, far subtler than any other smoked salmon I have had before. I’m guessing that this due to the special smoking technique? In any case, it actually means you taste more of the fish rather than a strong oak flavour.

Also of interest is how tender this fish is. Enough of the salmon’s natural oils (which will be of greater abundance in coldwater salmon like this) are preserved in the smoking process, which just results in that gorgeous melt in the mouth feeling that you get from good sashimi, like the arctic char that I had in New York.


At £17 for this small bit of salmon with scrambled eggs… the question must be asked as to whether it is worth the extra price? My gut says no, because it is still a lot of money, but when I think how much other airport restaurants charge for salmon and scrambled eggs it suddenly becomes more worth it for that little bit of extra quality.

So yes, I have had this super special salmon before crossing off lemon thyme. This is getting a bit silly.


2 thoughts on “Good Eatin’ – Balik Smoked Salmon

  1. I have been following your blog for the last month or so and love it! Mostly because I know that someone else has the same crazy love of trying things and crossing things off our lists as I do. lol even our blogs have similar titles. I have been doing the 1001 lists now for the last couple years, and have been having quite a bit of fun with it. I know that you are in Europe and I am in the US. Any thoughts on doing a food exchange? There are a few things I am having a difficult time sourcing over here. Are you having the same issues?

    1. Hi! I’ve had a big browse through your site the last few days. Glad I’m not the only one following so many lists!

      A food exchange could be fun! I managed to hit up a bunch of things on a trip to New York (including Smokey Blue cheese *swoon*).

      What sort of things would you been looking for from the UK?

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