Acclaimed Albums – xx by The xx

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 148/250Title: xx
Artist: The xx
Year: 2009
Position: #226

One of the side-effects of spending the month of December working out the best album of the year is that I end up putting the album list on ice for an absurdly long time so that I can focus. So that I can better phase myself back into the ‘acclaimed albums’ mindset I had a listen to an album that entered the list on the most recent update, which I happened to know very well.

In my final year of university I wrote reviews for the Culture section for one of the news outlets, which resulted in my having a lot of discussions about music with some serious music fans.  My first listen to xx came because of one of the many recommendations that flew around the room coupled with the increase in awareness of Spotify.

Whilst it wasn’t love at first listen, I was left intrigued. So intrigued that I ended up listening to this enough times that I have become a big fan of both the band (as evidenced by the high placement of I See You in my 2017 countdown) and Jamie xx’s solowork.

What really attracted me to this album (and songs like ‘Crystallised’ and ‘Shelter’ in particular) was how they could create musical caverns, just like Nick Drake used to do. I also loved the breathy vocals and the fact that this band just felt so normal. This band also filled a niche that I never knew I needed – they were the first queer band that I became a fan of. So yes, I’m very fond of this album.

Next time I tick something off this list I’ll be heated back to the late sixties/early seventies to continue my quest to catch-up to where I currently am with the 1001 songs list. Until then, I’m going to switch my current musical obsession back on (STOP- by Jeff Rosenstock) and count out the clock before the end of the day.


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