Good Eatin’ – Cooking With Jaggery

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Progress: 697/751Food item: Jaggery

It’s an odd experience to receive a block of unrefined sugar for Christmas knowing that you put it on your Amazon Wishlist. I mean it’s money I won’t have to spend later (which is good as I just spent £28 on some meat from a game supplier… more on that in a month as I need to find the nerve to behead a bird) and it comes from a place that is helping me to reach the next landmark as soon as possible.

So, what is jaggery? Well, it’s essentially a block of concentrated and unrefined sugar. The best way I can think of describing this is that it’s sticky and granular molasses. The taste of the jaggery is dark like muscovado, but it’s got a different mouthfeel to it.

As with most things, I can’t just sit here eating jaggery shavings. So let’s get cooking.

The first thing that came up when I searched for jaggery recipes was to make a sort of peanut brittle called peanut chikki. I’m not going to say no to something like that, so I followed the recipe here from Foodviva.

Looking at my picture versus the one on the website, I think I cooked the sugar for too long. I mean it’s definitely a darker shade so I wonder if I might have slightly burnt it. Still tastes good… although I wish I’d used salted peanuts so it would have been like a salt caramel peanut brittle. I still have most of the block left after making this so there’s always a next time.

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