Good Eatin’ – Hot Calamansi and Honey

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You DieFood item: Calamansi

It shows that it’s worth having an extra long browse if you happen to have the time. Whilst I have yet to pick up the pig’s feet at the Chinese supermarket near the office,  I did find a jar of honey calamansi concentrate. Since the book specifically mentions calamansi and being used for beverages, I figured that this would work as a use. On a side note… what are you meant to do with pig’s feet?

Being that this is mixed with honey, any reference I’ve tried making to the taste and the smell of the calamansi is taking into account the extra sweetness. Having had a few mugs of this I can understand just why you would need some sort of sweetener – also, since I’ve been ill this last week, drinking this as been like some sort of East Asian hot honey and lemon.

The smell of the calamansi is like a mix of the sweet-sourness from mandarin orange and the sour-bitterness of yuzu. The taste matches the smell which was a bit strong for me – even with the influence of honey. Where the instructions says three tablespoons of the concentration per mug, I only add two and include an extra half tablespoon of honey. It’s not that I have a particularly sweet tooth, just that I am very sensitive to bitter tastes.

Despite the bitterness and the fact that I am not a hot drinks person, I can see this being a great drink to have cold. Just need to get another jar to try out this theory as I’ve nearly run out of the stuff.

Progress: 685/751

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