Good Eatin’ – Rocamadour

So a good friend came to visit over the weekend and, seeing how it’s the happiest place in London, I took him to visit Borough Market.

I don’t know how, in our 8 year friendship, we’ve never been to a food market together. Still we rectified this now and put together a deli lunch containing some of the former list items that I thought he might enjoy:

This lunch gave me a chance to actually go back and re-evaluate an item in particular:  Boulette D’Avesnes, the Devil’s Suppository itself. Once again we were given fair warning by the vendor and, once again, I completely discarded this.

Now I don’t know if I’m more used to strong flavours or if there can be such a wide variation in the production of this cheese, but it was nowhere near as strong as I remembered. The smell was still pungent, yet it was actually pleasant and spicy compared to the last one I tried. In terms of taste it was still had the creamy herbal heat with an aftertaste that stung, but it was more palatable this time.

I guess this goes to prove that just because you are eating the same type of cheese from the same manufacturer, the experience can still be quite different when sampled a few years apart.

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You DieFood item: Rocamadour

Within this lunch there was a new item to cross off: Rocamadour. At present it feels like this is the last item from the dairy section of the 1001 list that I will be able to get from Borough (although I am more than happy to be proven wrong).

At £1.50 a disc this was a steal compared to some of the other foods I’ve recently purchased. It also served as a reminder of why I enjoy a good bit of goat’s cheese, especially as (since I bought this in November) I was at the end of the production season, resulting in a stronger/more mature experience.

From the first bite Rocamadour is unmistakably goaty. I don’t know how to describe that other than by highlighting the grassiness and the extra lactic burn that you tend to get from goat’s cheese. Despite being on the mature side this cheese was still smooth and spreadable. I didn’t get any of the nuttiness that I was meant to get, then again that’s a taste I never seem to get unless it is extremely obvious; probably just my taste buds being a bit weird.

Progress: 683/751

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