Good Eatin’ – Devilled Lamb Kidneys

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You DieFood item: Lamb Kidney

There really is no excuse for me to have not covered lamb kidneys yet. I’ve repeatedly seen them being sold at my local supermarket, but I never felt in the mood to properly prepare them for cooking purposes. I’ve happily taught children how to dissect them back when I was a science teacher, but the idea of cleaning them and removing the pelvis never appealed to me.

Until now! With it being a nearly a month since my last food item it really is time to step it up and get out of that comfort zone (or just start paying weird amounts of money for cheese).

The question arose about the best way to prepare kidneys. Or it should have, but I went for the first method that came to mind: devilled kidneys. So here we go with a recipe from The Hairy Bikers.

I did not enjoy cutting the pelvis out of these little lamb kidneys. Thankfully they were pre-skinned, but that pelvis is tough to remove. I probably should have proper kitchen scissors instead of using the scissors that I use to help cut wrapping paper. But I don’t tell people these things when I give them Christmas presents.

The smell of the kidneys cooking in the tomato-mustard sauce reminded me a lot of when my mum would make lamb liver and bacon. Lo and behold, lamb kidneys taste a lot like lamb’s liver. It’s just that the kidney’s don’t have that issue of getting tough when overcooking them, they just go through a weird phase of toughness as they cook before getting softer again. No idea why that is… but it’s a strange kidney fact.

If you haven’t tried lamb’s liver or kidneys before, I would say that the taste is rich, meaty and (for the lack of a better word) mature. I can really see why sauces containing mustard or Worcestershire sauce would be needed to cut through some of the taste of the kidneys.

As with all things offal, the taste of kidneys is not for everyone. Even with the sauce, which was great, I felt that the kidneys were a bit too rich for me to eat more than one. I didn’t mind the taste too much, but it was hard to finish the first one without feeling like I had eaten too much already. Maybe lamb kidneys are a bit too… strong/mature for my tastes, but there for go.

Would I have this again? If it was professionally prepared and there was nothing better on the menu, sure. Else, I may not have lamb kidneys again.

Progress: 679/751

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