Good Eatin’ – Banana Blossom Salad from Pho

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You DieFood item: Banana Flower

I have known about the banana blossom salad at Pho for well over a year, but have been put off it because of an allergic reaction I once suffered after eating one of their soups. It’s 18 months later and I’m feeling bold, brave and the need to get another food item in since this list is starting to slow down.

From the picture you would be forgiven to wondering where the banana flowers are. Honestly, I wasn’t convinced of this until I read a recipe for beef and banana blossom salad on the train home. Essentially, the shredded vegetable whose texture felt like a mix between cabbage and water chestnut was the banana flower. It’s just, for whatever reason, I expected to be eating the anthers rather than the petals.

In terms of taste, the shredded banana flower (petals?) tasted like crisp, slightly nutty cabbage. I guess that I was expecting more of a fruity taste from the flower of the banana plant? I can see how this would make for a good base for salads and would like to try my hand at making something from them. I’d just need to find somewhere that sells them instead of relying on a restaurant to do it for me.

Progress: 678/751

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