Good Eatin’ – Bomba Paella

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You DieFood item: Calasparra Bomba Rice

Why is this rice out of the bag and in a Tupperware container? Well, the hub might have dropped this cloth bag in a pool of water so I had to quickly save the rice not touched by Fairy liquid. The bag itself was kept for purely photographic reasons.

Obviously I had to make some form of paella with this rice. It’s what they would have done in Spain after all. It’s highly possible that I had some of this when I was in Barcelona and didn’t even know it. Probably not though. I guess that’s something that would have been highlighted on the menus.

I am going to get this out there right now – I know this isn’t proper paella. For one thing it’s made in a wok so the heat distribution is off, I stirred this way too much (otherwise the hub would complain about the washing up) and I made this with a paprika chicken sausage. I guess with things like this it’s more appropriate to call this a Spanish risotto? I would say Spanish fried rice, but there wasn’t a lot of frying of rice going on here.

Now the killer question: did I notice any difference in the taste or texture with this special rice? No. Sadly I did not. It’s fine though because unlike some of the food items I’ve gotten this didn’t cost too much more than the more common brands. It’s just that I didn’t notice too much of a difference between this and Arborio or Carnaroli.

Progress: 672/751

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