Good Eatin’ – Cretan Olive Oil

Oooooh the devil’s food number. It’s a pity that I didn’t save up the boulette d’avesnes for this number (due to it’s nickname of ‘the devil’s suppository’), but would have been a good two years of waiting… and it was no guarantee that I would reach this point.

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You DieFood item: Greek Monastery Olive Oil

So how did I get my hands on this can of olive oil? Honestly it was a complete surprise to be given this. It was one of those happy accidents of having a generous mother go on holiday to Crete and buying me a souvenir because of my love of food.

This came fresh of her doing an olive oil tasting (something I’d love to do) and then gushing to me about how amazing this was compared to the olive oils you get in the UK – not including the exceptional Spanish Olive Oil I found in Waitrose.

Having tasted this olive oil for myself I would agree this is great quality olive oil. Obviously this olive oil from Crete doesn’t speak for all Greek Monastery Olive Oil, but this particular brand has a lightness and a grassiness that is refreshing. It’s one of those oils where I could see myself drinking half a bottle via many dippings of bread into a bowl containing said oil…. then feel violently sick because of oil I had just consumed.

This is the fourth time I have made Greek salad (without raw onion, because if it isn’t those fancy Rose onions then I cannot stomach raw onion) and I have plenty more olive oil left in the can. I know I should probably glug on the oil, but I want to make this last. Also calories. Always with the calories.

Between this and the Spanish estate olive oil, how am I meant to go back to regular store brand olive oil? Truly the big danger of doing this food list is the raised bar for food quality.

Progress: 666/751


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