Good Eatin’ – Shiro Shoyu

Merry Christmas… as I write this post the temperature is 30°C and it is actually the middle of June. I moved to 5 posts a week because I was writing over 6 months ahead. Thanks to a resurgence in my film watching I am back in this position again.

I guess it speaks to the level of obsession that some of these lists have become. Just imagine the lead if I was diligently making my way through the classical music list (my last post for that was about a month and a half ago).

Still Merry Christmas everybody – let’s eat some soy sauce.

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You DieFood item: Shiro Shoyu

If you haven’t heard of white soy sauce before you are probably in the majority. It’s not something that you find in regular supermarkets and I struggled to find it in nearby Asian markets. It was only after a proper search that I found a bottle of it in the Japan Centre.

As you can probably tell from the picture, I have already started to use this rather liberally in the place of regular soy sauce. Only when cooking mind, not as a condiment.

My favourite cooking use for soy sauce is to combine it with oyster sauce and napa cabbage. We had some leftover bacon and soya beans as well, so figured it would be worth inviting them to the party as well.

Now I bet you are wondering whether there is a difference between white soy sauce and the light and dark black soy sauces. Well there is, especially in the smell. White soy sauce has a smell that is somewhere between beer and Bovril whilst having that whiff of being just that bit more fermented.

The difference comes from the different percentages of soya to wheat in the recipe – the white soy sauce being primarily wheat-based. This makes it a sweeter and mellower alternative to darker soy sauces, whilst also being just that bit meaty. It’s also worked out well as a marinade ingredient for fish, so would really recommend picking up a bottle of this if you have a chance.

Progress: 665/751

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