Good Eatin’ – Cardoon Risotto

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You DieFood item: Cardoon

Barcelona was amazing. Not only was it amazing as a city, but it also allowed me to take home a bunch of foods and have follow-up blog posts about sausages and cheeses. With this jar of cardoon (or cardo in Spanish) I have used all the foods that I brought back with me.

From the look of the cardoon as it sits there in the jar I was expecting it to smell and taste like celery. Nope, that hypothesis was immediately disproved by the unscrewing of the lid. Since the cardoon in this jar came pre-prepared it had the taste of a cross between artichoke and palm heart.

I could imagine these pieces of cardoon being good on a pizza or in a pasta dish. However, since I discovered bags of unused risotto rice as part of a cupboard clear out, there was an obvious cooking choice that came to mind.

Thanks to Honest Food for this recipe for cardoon risotto. The artichoke flavour of the cardoon in the risotto was very subtle. You could only really taste it as an aftertaste once the initial flavours of garlic and parmesan cheese subsided.

It’s at a point like this where I wish cardoon could be found in the UK as I can think of so many other uses for this vegetable. Yes it made for an interesting base for the risotto, but I really wish I had another jar of this to stick on a pizza with some rocket and goat cheese. That should be delicious, right?

Progress: 655/751


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