Acclaimed Albums – 2017 Update

It’s that time again. Acclaimed Music, where I source the Top 250 albums for, has had their first update in two years.

In real terms this means that a number of albums that I have written about, including  I Am A Bird Now and Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots and are no longer included whereas albums such as Blackstar, Carrie and Lowell and xx are now entries. Whilst I have listened to a lot of the new entries, I figured it would be worth giving them all a re-listen anyway as is the spirit of this particular list.

I was hoping that I would have finished the 250 before the next update and then use that as a chance to go for the next milestone (whatever that may be), but I haven’t exactly been listening to these albums at a fast pace… so maybe next time.

Still, thought it was worth explaining why, suddenly, the number for this next entry has gone down. You can see the updated list with my links and crossings off here.

Thanks for reading!


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