Good Eatin’ – Sweet Lotus Bean Soup

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You DieFood items: Lotus Seeds and Muscovado Sugar

A big thanks to my friend Rachel for buying me this bag of lotus seeds. It’s so great to have friends who are supporting me on my way to complete this list. Granted it has taken me months to get around to making something with the lotus seeds… but that’s what the May Bank Holiday is for right?

Also in this blog entry is me finally getting around to crossing off muscovado sugar. I think that, with the exception of kaffir lime leaves, this is the last food list item that is readily available in the supermarket. It’s just that muscovado is such a rich and treacly dark sugar that I haven’t had something to make with it… until now.

Of all the possible used for lotus seeds, of which Google has demonstrated there are many, I opted for a recipe from the KitchenTigress blog for a sweet soup.

So this is what a sweet soup looks like. It’s piping hot, smells like caramel and I would totally make this again. Like with most other recipes I had to make some alterations because I don’t exactly live in a town with a lot of East Asian supermarkets or places where I can buy pandan leaves. So I substituted in a few dollops of vanilla extract – it was delicious. Also, I used a 2:1 mix muscovado and regular granulated sugar, which gave the soup a rich caramel flavour.

The lotus seeds themselves didn’t have too much of a flavour. They were nutty and that’s about it, but that was more than enough to compliment the muscovado sugar. Honestly, i would happily make this again, probably closer to Christmas because I can imagine adding some festive spices to this soup to make it even better.

Progress: 654/751


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