Level One – God of War

List Item: Play 100 of the greatest computer games
Progress: 67/100Title: God of War
Developer: SCE Santa Monica Studio
Original Platform: Playstation 2
Year: 2005

Of the three main God of War games it is only the first one that ended up in the Top 100 list, and it is a long way ahead of the other instalments. Fair to say that this must, therefore, be the best game of the three.

Now, if you are into gaming you will know the basic idea behind God of War. You play as Kratos, a former Spartan general who has become the go-to dogsbody for the Greek Gods. Why? As penance for killing his own wife and child (after being driven made by the god of war himself) and to try and rid himself of his haunting nightmares.

Kratos is an interesting character as, in many ways, he is your quintessential meathead. Then again he is also slightly schizoid, ultra-violent and has a Gorgon’s head that he uses to turn enemies to stone. Sure he has slightly emotional moments (nightmares about your dead wife and daughter tends to do that to you) but, on the whole he is a badass.

As someone who LOVES Greek mythology this is a game I have been looking forward to playing for a while. I knew that this game would end up taking liberties with the mythologies – I don’t see a reason why since there is such a wealth of characters and monsters that would be interesting if left as they were – but I admit to doing a few heavy eye rolls.

The biggest of all the eyerolls happened in the desert section where you are tracking down sirens. Sirens life on the coast and, in many cases, are synonymous with mermaids. So if you want to put a siren in the place that would kill them the quickest then the desert is probably your best bet. Now, I did enjoy how they were used… but did it have to be a desert?

Still. As a game that is essentially Bayonetta meets Hercules I had a really great time playing this. Thanks to Zero Punctuation I know a fair bit about the storyline for the next two games and, honestly, I am looking forward to giving those a whirl once I expand this out from the Top 100 (should I complete this!).


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