What’s On TV – Heartbreak High

List Item:  Watch half of the 1001 TV Series You Must Watch Before You Die
Progress: 189/501
Title: Heartbreak High
Episodes Aired: 210
Episodes Watched: 13 (it’s all I could be bothered with…)
Year(s): 1994-1999
Country: Australia

I am going to start this off with the acknowledgement that I am, no longer, among the target demographic for a show like Heartbreak High. Not that I ever really watched teen soaps/dramas, but still I was a teen once and many teens in Australia (and apparently the Netherlands) would tune in on a regular basis.

However, as an adult and a former teacher, I could not bring myself to enjoy this show. In the vast majority of the situations I found myself on the side of parents and teachers since a lot of the conflict I saw was, unsurprisingly, childish. No – you should not be getting that motorbike when you are in high school. No – you should not give up school because that girl caught your eye. No – stop complaining about how this subject is irrelevant to your life, it matters because without good exams you are going to be scuppered.

Now, there were storylines that did peak my interest every now and then. Like how there was one student having to look after her siblings since her mother went back to Latin America to find the father. When the show managed to tackle issues and NOT make it feel like an after school special, it was okay. Otherwise it just felt immature, preachy and a bit too convenient at times.

Still, this isn’t meant to be the 1001 best shows, but those shows which have done something different or original.  I guess that this is the Australian version of Hollyoaks… and I have to say that I am not looking forward to that one when it’s name come out of the Disney bucket.

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