Good Eatin’ – Dobos Torte at The Gay Hussar

I think it is fair to say that we all have a restaurant that we have been meaning to try. Commuting into London every day means that my list of restaurants I want to sample will be about the same length as my arm.

Previously I have visited places like St Moritz and the Hawksmoor to cross them off of this internal list made whilst acting as part of London street traffic – today I visited the Gay Hussar on Greek Street as part of a long awaited catch-up with some uni friends. It also meant I was able to cross a cake off from the food list. So it was a win-win-win.


Being in a Hungarian restaurant I figured there are one of two ways to go when it comes to getting a main course. Either you get some goulash or chicken paprikash. As you can tell from the picture I went for the latter. The sweetener for me was the serving of galushka that it came with… man those were good with the sauce.

Hub had the goulash and as nice as that was… I know that I made the right choice with my paprikash. There were plenty of other things on the menu that I debated with, and given the wonderfully warm treatment we got in this restaurant, so I know there will be a return visit at some point. After all, where else am I going to get some chilled sour cherry soup?

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die img_4787Food item: Dobos Torte

Here we are with the main event. The Dobos torte: a cake first showcased back in 1885 that has since become well known throughout Hungary. Then again, if you have a food that the royal family gave a thumbs up to it is unlikely to disappear.

The cake itself alternates between a light sponge and a chocolate buttercream. That glistening triangle on top is a wedge of hard caramel. The amazing trick is that it is not a rich cake. All the layers are airy enough to not make you feel bloated and yet it feels like a substantial cake.

In all honesty I had to eat the caramel separately as if it were a cracker, else I would have completely crushed the cake in an effort to break the caramel in half. Still, that was probably for decoration, right? Other than that bit of uncertainty this didn’t really hit the sides on it’s way to my stomach. Diet be damned, I like a good chocolate cake!

Progress: 627/751

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