Good Eatin’ – Montelimar Nougat

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Dieimg_4783Food item: Montelimar Nougat

There are many reasons that I go to my local Lidl. Usually it’s to get another packet of fennel salami or try and find some schnitzel (they haven’t sold it for nearly a year… so I should probably mourn my loss and mourn my loss and move on with my food life).

During today’s visit I was greeted with a beautiful slab of food list nougat. Silky white and adorned with almonds. I wouldn’t normally buy nougat as a sweet of choice, but I do always enjoy eating it when it’s made available to me. Especially if it’s turrón brought in by a co-worker.

So why is Montelimar nougat singled out by the list? Mainly because one of the three main types of white nougat and, by whoever made the list, thought of as the best. Not going to disagree with this assertion since the only thing stopping me from eating the whole bar was the increased calorie count on my fitness app.

This nougat really is a far cry from whatever machine made nougat can be found in a Double Decker chocolate bar. It’s firmer, not as sticky whilst still being sticky and has more of a depth of flavour. Aside from the sugar and almonds there is also some honey and proper vanilla.

Whilst it is still sweet there is enough of a savoury flavour provided by the nuts to prevent it from becoming sickly. However, given the fact that you are basically eating pure sugar and nut fat was enough to stop me from reaching for the fourth torn off chunk. Might go back later though.

Progress: 626/751

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