Good Eatin’ – Blackstrap Molasses and Navarra Piquillo Peppers

So continues my continued efforts to clear the cupboards of all remaining list foods so that they don’t end up spoiling on me. In today’s post we have a jar that I bought with the Zampone and a bottle that I bought with the other Caribbean food.

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Dieimg_4724Food items: Navarra Piquillo Peppers and Blackstrap Molasses

Most of the uses that I have found for blackstrap molasses are sweet, which makes sense seeing how it is made by boiling sugarcane. To be considered blackstrap this needs to be the product of a third boil which makes it more bitter and less sweet than regular molasses. The small taste I got of it from the bottle was exactly as expected: rich, dark, bitter and a small amount of sweetness.

The recipe I ended up using the molasses in was a South Carolina mustard barbecue sauce. It’s called a barbecue sauce on the recipe, but it didn’t taste like any I had ever tasted before. I like it, but the fumes of cooking mustard and cider vinegar was enough to make my eyes water.

Now what to do with barbecue sauce… how about a burger? And how about I use some of these special jarred red peppers to top the burger? Sounds like a good idea for lunch.


I have a constant problem when it comes to cooking burgers; I make them too thick which means they end up overcooked as I try to ensure the middle is no longer raw. Today is one of the few times where I have actually managed to make a good moist burger with a good flavour (thank you bacon and celery salt).

Honestly, I didn’t taste much of the peppers because the barbecue was was pretty overpowering. On their own the peppers are a tad bitter from where they have been roasted. There is an undercurrent of moist sweetness and a bit of heat. Something that needs to be eaten with something rather than on their own.

Progress: 619/751

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