Good Eatin’ – Fruitcake and Gliko

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Dieimg_4705Food item: British Fruitcake

Okay, seeing that Christmas has just been and gone it only seemed fit to have Christmas cake as an example of British Fruitcake.

When you compare it to some of the other fruitcakes out there (of which I have only had a few) you can really count on the Brits to make a fruitcake that is dense, chock full of dried fruit and surprisingly moist (and slightly cloying).

It really is not something that you can eat a lot of. I think I speak for a lot of Brits when I say that if you eat more than a serving your stomach essentially becomes a brick.

img_4708Food item: Green Walnut Gliko

So this is my first try of a Greek spoon sweet, so-called because you would get one of these on a spoon with a cup of coffee or tea.

You can probably only have one spoon of this sweet because it’s very sweet. The syrup that the green walnuts (walnuts that are picked whilst they are immature) are preserved in is incredibly sweet and spiced with, I’m guessing, cloves and cinnamon.

Honestly, this the contents of this jar smelt like Christmas. When it comes to texture the walnuts were a bit weird. The give from the outer shell gave way to a chewy and somewhat mushy. This is something that I can imagine going well with a plain cake or as part of a cheeseboard.

Was it worth the £8 that I spent for it online? Not really. Still, at least I was able to give this a go.

Progress: 615/751

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