Good Eatin’ – Caribbean Food Box


Who doesn’t enjoy a big parcel in the mail? Especially when it is a big parcel full of food! I can only imagine it’s what it feels like when you get a hamper for Christmas. The thing is, this is a parcel that I got for myself and it is full of list food from an online Jamaican grocery store.

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

Now there is no way that I would be able to use all of this in one meal to cross all seven things off the list. I mean, what dish would need both cassareep and sheto? Someone is bound to prove me wrong there, but it feels to me that would leave a dish over-seasoned.

In the end I managed to use four of them in one meal, which isn’t too shabby if I say so myself.

img_4626Food item: Ambarella

Crisp and sour. Very much like a green mango. The smell as you peel is musty. Knowing what this is, you can tell that this is isn’t what we would consider ripe. But this is how it’s eaten so can respect that.

There are a number of spiny tendril like things going up through the fruit… which makes me feel like this doesn’t want to be eaten. It’s a weird fruit that may or may not want to attack you. Not entirely sure why you’d sit down and eat something like this in the first place.

img_4637Food item: Hardough

On the surface of it this looks like a pretty bog-standard loaf of white bread. When you taste it you come up with something that’s surprisingly dense. Also it’s a bit sweet. I wouldn’t have expected that either. So imagine my surprise when I made a cheese sandwich using this bread and I got something smokey and sweet.

I can imagine this being a good bread to use when making French toast, if it wasn’t for the fact that it might not be the best absorber of liquid. i have a kilo of this bread left, so why not experiment, eh?

Food items: Red Palm Oil and Bammy

Firstly let’s talk about this oil, because it’s solid. Like, really solid. Similar to how coconut oil is solid I guess, but in this instance it looks like quite lumpy viscera.

The oil on its own has a unique nutty taste, but when it is melted in the pan it takes on another odour that the hub likened to animal feed. The moment he said that something clicked in my head. It looked like I was cooking with blood and, thanks to hub, I was feeling mildly unhappy about the smell.

Then there are the bammy. I agree with the books assessment that these are fairly bland. Any taste that you get from it is what was picked up from both the red palm oil it was fried in and the coconut milk it was soaked in.

They looked attractive enough on the plate. Just didn’t think they added much to dinner. The texture is dense like a rusk. Like a dry, flakey, cloying thick rusk. Not too impressed, then again I am not too impressed with anything so far. I hope the remaining three items do better than these ones did.

Progress: 607/751

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