Good Eatin’ – Tajarin with Sage and Butter

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You DieFood item: Tajarin

Much like with the fregola and the pane carasau, I was able to find this box of tajarin in the imports section of Marks and Spencer. Now, I could have always chosen to make my own… apart from the fact that I don’t own a pasta maker.

Also,  the sheer number of egg yolks required to make a batch of tajarin boggles the mind. I have seen recipes that ask for around 30 egg yolks to make a kilo of pasta. Consider food prices these days when trying to buy decent free range eggs and you’ll see why I waited to find this ready made.

Really that’s what tajarin is. A type of pasta made from flour and egg yolks. It also happens to be the yellowest pasta that I have ever seen: both in its dried form and in its cooked form.


Excuse the rather Dutch bowl in the photo, but it’s the only bowl of this type that I own which shows off just how yellow this pasta is.

In order to make this I followed a recipe for tajarin with sage and butter. I may have had the butter on too high when I added the grated parmesan as it began to (what I can only describe as) caramelise. Luckily the cooked pasta water managed to help salvage the sauce and make for a tasty tea.

To properly cross off the tajarin I took some straight from the pot and ate it as is. In pasta terms it is very rich. I want to say that it even tasted buttery, which feels like it should be impossible considering dairy wasn’t involved in the making of the pasta.

Also of note was the tajarin’s texture. It was velvety smooth as it entered the mouth and still had a good bit of give to it when I bit in. This is one of those pastas that I bet is gorgeous with a carbonara sauce, especially when made with guanciale. I need to find some of THAT again, it’s been way too long.

Progress: 603/751


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