Good Eatin’ – Reindeer Burgers

As with the same certainty of the sun rising in the east; Christmas time means that a wealth of food list items are about to reach my tastebuds. I currently have 10-12 of them sat in the kitchen in fresh, vacuum-packed or dried forms and I want to have used them all by the time 2017 rolls around.

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

img_4606Food item: Reindeer

There is nothing like it being Christmas and reindeer meat being on sale. I am sure it could be on sale all year around, but there is a weird part of a British adult that wants to know what Rudolf tastes like as you stare at a reindeer made of fairy lights.

I missed out on the opportunity to cross this off two years ago at the Christmas market on London’s South Bank, so I wasn’t going to pass this opportunity. Thanks again Borough Market for the opportunity to eat something more unusual.


Of course I would rather have this prepared for me by someone who knows to cook the reindeer burger. At only £1 more than a regular beef burger at a competing stall this felt like a bargain.

A delicious bargain. This burger appeared to be precisely what hub needed after the sambuca shots at his office Christmas party. Not exactly ‘hair of the dog’, but ‘antler of the reindeer’? Right?

Tasting this as a burger really makes me think that reindeer steaks must be great. I’m not really the biggest fan of the gaminess of venison, but the reindeer really toes the line. It’s gamey in the same way guinea fowl is, meaning not too gamey.

It’s lean, tender and the exact right amount of gaminess. I would actually buy reindeer meat if it was available in the supermarkets as an alternative to beef in some dishes. However, I can imagine some people having trouble with that in a similar way to horse (which is a shame, because horse can be quite nice).

What I am finding incredibly encouraging is the knowledge that I will be reaching 600 with the next food post. What will this magnificent landmark be?

Progress: 597/751


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