Good Eatin’ – Hatcho Miso Soup

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You DieFood item: Hatcho Miso

One wonder what cannot be done with the humble soy bean. I know you could probably say the same of wheat, but I wouldn’t dream of eating an ear of wheat as it is like you can with soy beans.

A long time I ate saiko miso, the sweeter and lighter (in terms of flavour and colour) cousin of black miso. Where saiko miso is spreadable, hatcho miso is a dark brown block that smells vaguely of licorice root.

When tasted in this block form it is salty and very umami. It actually tastes like a Japanese analogue for Marmite or Bovril. This comparison is even more pronounced when disolving it in warm water before putting it into a soup (where it really does look and taste like a hot Bovril drink).


Taking pictures like this is just one of the many reasons that I would never get on with Instagram. Honestly, after spending the better part of an hour making this ramen with barbecue pulled chicken I just want to eat it rather than make it photogenic.

Whilst I can’t say that I tasted the hatcho miso as a standout flavour what I can say is that this soup felt like it had a greater depth of flavour. Good thing too. A little goes a long way with hatcho miso and there is a sizeable block of it left in my fridge.

Apparently there are a bunch of other things I can add hatcho miso to. Hub says to just spread it on toast. I think that could be gross, but what the hell what’s the worst that could happen.

Progress: 578/751

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