Going Dutch – Leaving Rotterdam


Being married to a Dutchman means that any trip to the Netherlands has another purpose: visiting the in-laws. And so it was goodbye to Rotterdam with its individual architecture and amazing Markethal. I know I wasn’t really in Rotterdam for too long, but I have really grown fond of it.


Breakfast was a bit of a haul from a sandwich store in Rotterdam Centraal (translated, I think the name of the shop means “bread sack”) and take the train over to Amersfoort where we would be picked up. Seems pretty straight forward until you are thrown off the train at Utrecht as there was a defective train on the line. Oh well. A bit of a sprint with luggage never hurt anyone.

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die
Progress: 577/751

Food item: Ubriaco

As I mentioned two posts ago – I bought a wedge of list cheese to be shared today with both the hub and mother-in-law. The cheese in question is called Ubriaco Al Prosecco. It is an Italian cheese that, as part of the ripening process, is soaked in a barrel of Prosecco – ergo the name which is Italian for “drunken”. As such it is recommended that you enjoy this cheese with a glass of Prosecco. Nah.


Just smelling this cheese through the paper wrapping was something a bit different. It actually smelt of white wine (it probably smelt of Prosecco, but I am no sommelier). I have never known a cheese to smell like an actual type of wine. You can also taste the Prosecco in the cheese, which was stronger in some places than others. Texture-wise this cheese felt quite Dutch as it had an Edam like bounce to it. It went down well.

For dinner we did the finished off this trip in the most Dutch way possible: a visit to a pancake house. Seeing that we had a 1-year-old with us (how big my niece is getting, actually startling – feels only yesterday that she was a gurgling, albeit cute, meatloaf) it was a very family friendly place.


You’d have thought that a lot of children being around would have distracted from the pancakes…but I got quite a way into my pancake before I remembered to take a picture. This was the Surinamer pancake, which had cheese, spicy chicken, leek, pineapple and sweet chilli sauce on it. It was pretty amazing. Hub had one with goats cheese, bacon, walnuts and rocket on it, again that was pretty good too (not as good as mine though).

Other family things happened afterwards that I don’t need to go into, but I am acutely aware that it is back to reality tomorrow with all its train engineering works and job interviews. So I’m going to just spend some time chilling to some GentleWhispering ASMR videos before heading to sleep around the in-laws.

This little sojourn to the Netherlands really did end too quickly. Like way too quickly. There’s no way that I want to return to regular life. Still, since I have been saving holiday up all year it’s a bit of an end-of-year blow out.

Next stop: Lisbon!

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