Level One – Resident Evil 4

List Item: Play 100 of the greatest computer games
Progress: 62/100Title: Resident Evil 4
Developer: Capcom
Original Platform: Gamecube
Year: 2005

If I found it hard to play BioShock then what chance did I have with this one? Pretty much none to be honest.

The video games list is, emotionally, one of the hardest for me to complete because of the survival horrors. I have tried twice in my life to play this and both times ended with me dropping the controllers and turning the TV off. One of these times I was at a friend’s house and I just started shaking… to someone who just plays these on repeat I think my behaviour looked like that dog in the pound who has chunks of fur missing.

So, knowing that I would not be able to play it long enough (I tried, I really did) I figured the next best thing would be to watch my husband play for his blog. No dice. It made me feel sick with worry and the shaking started once again. The only way I was able to watch it without an extreme reaction was to find a sarcastic Let’s Play on YouTube.

I don’t think I have been so affected by a game before. I mean, my husband actually enjoyed it and said that he could see how Resident Evil 4 would end up on such a list. As an observer and a player I was extremely tense. The music cues, the limited ammunition and the crazed enemies are all part of the Resident Evil DNA. What changes things is the POV.

From playing and observing Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 it is easy to see how the most annoying thing are the fixed camera angles. In Resident Evil 4 they changed things by having the camera behind the characters shoulder and allowing you to more easily aim and maim.

Movable camera angles had been a while with games like Super Mario 64 acting as a trailblazer and you had other shooters like Tomb Raider having the shooter in the middle of the screen. Resident Evil 4 and it’s over-the-shoulder view was fairly revolutionary to the point where most shooters tend to offer this sort of view, or at least have this as a view alongside a first-person option.

I wonder know that this is an odd way to cross off, but I can’t play this otherwise. I am probably going to need to resort to this when the pyramid-heads of Silent Hill 2 rear their pointy heads. I also wonder… will I be able to play The Last of Us without freaking out?


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