Good Eatin’ – Ras El Hanout-Rubbed Guinea Fowl

List Item: Try three quarters of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You DieFood items: Ras El Hanout, Guinea Fowl, Avocado Oil

It has been over a year since I got married and we have still to completely use up the John Lewis/Waitrose gift cards that we got as presents. That means, in effect, that this meal was a wedding present (no pressure there then) since we were able to get all the ingredients for free.

I have held out on buying guinea fowl and avocado oil because, compared to chicken and olive oil, these ingredients are that tad more expensive. Still if I’m not the one paying then all’s fair in love and food wars, right?

Since I deal with a husband that is usually anti-chicken (other than that one time in Japan) I knew that I would have to flavour it sufficiently – which is where the ras el hanout came in. I combined a bit too much ras el hanout with butter and then rubbed this over the entire guinea fowl (about two thumbs worth of this spice butter were stuck into the cavity.

As for the avocado oil? Well that was combined with some dried rosemary and used as a fat to roast potatoes. I also ended up making a gravy using the ras el hanout and some chicken gravy granules. Needless to say this dinner was very food list friendly.


I think I might be a fan of guinea fowl now. It’s somewhere between a chicken and something more gamy (like pheasant). It was so much nicer than the grouse (which was either too gamy for my taste or was just not a good grouse to try. The meat was so much juicier than I expected too. Definitely something to be eating should I have the chance.

The ras el hanout worked supremely well both as a gravy and as a rub. The waft I got of it as I opened the box was surprising. Like many of the spice blends on this food list there is no definitive mix. You have a mix of things like allspice, cloves, rose, cumin, cardamom, chili etc. This makes for a well balanced aromatic spice blend with a good kick at the end.

As for the avocado oil… well I didn’t notice too much of an added flavour to the potatoes when cooked. It did, however, mean I have an oil to make roast potatoes that feel just that bit more guilt-free. On it’s own the oil is green ( VERY green) with a flavour that feels light and somewhat fruity. Might need to experiment with this one a bit more.

Progress: 570/751


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