Acclaimed Albums – The Doors by The Doors

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 120/250Title: The Doors
Artist: The Doors
Year: 1967
Position: #27

I’ve made an internal decision that I should start to go through the remaining list and look for recurring artists. As you can imagine, there are a fair few of them and as I approach the halfway mark on this list. I have already completely crossed off all the albums from some major hitters like The Beatles, Bjork and PJ Harvey yet have not touched the entries from Joy Division, Metallica or The Stooges.

So I ended up going for debut album by The Doors as a way to whittle down this list of artists with multiple entries. I guess it was something about the way Jim Morrison is smouldering on the album cover that made me pick this over the ridiculously named swordfishtrombones.

The moment you start the The Doors you know you are in the sixties. It’s that organ. The sound is lighter and thinner than the Hammond organ you find on Booker T’s ‘Green Onions’, but just a few notes of that organ make this unmistakably sixties.

On Wikipedia this album is listed as being psychedelic rock. Now whilst there are areas where I would agree in this (such as the getting high references that litter this album, but more explicitly in opening track ‘Break On Through’ ) this album feels far more eclectic than just a blanket label.

It doesn’t quite fit in the same slot as other psychedelic albums that I have heard. It’s rougher around the edges than Forever Changes, not at all twee like The Pipers At The Gates of Dawn and is not borderline insane like Trout Mask ReplicaThis is a rock album that just happened to absorb some psychedelic trends because of their drug use. Take their cover of ‘Back Door Man’ or the dark tones of ‘End of The Night’ – this isn’t your typical psychedelic album.

Whilst I would not go out of my way to listen to The Doors this is definitely one of those albums that makes me think of summer. As in, sitting outside and having this on in the background. I know that this means I am probably missing some gigantic point, and I don’t to reduce this album as it’s definitely a really good album, but this is not something I normally listen to.

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