Good Eatin’: Vatrushka and Pêche de Vigne

It’s at times like this where I think I would like to start a food podcast. I don’t quite know what it would be like or even how I would end up doing it, but it’s something worth considering . Might give me that kick up the backside to keep on with these food items, especially since it’s been almost a month since I was last able to cross some off.

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food booksFood item: Vatrushka

She signed the letter: All Yours! Vatrushka Vatrushka Vatrushka-ya-ya

Sorry that was too hard to resist. I looked for these Eastern European pastries during my recent trip to Lithuania – only to find there was a stall selling them in Borough Market. The good people at Karaway Bakery do some fantastic work with rye and caraway bread (sold as Grandmother’s Bread) and they sell two types of these pastries: one with peach and one with blueberries.

I split this vatrushki with my husband as I knew it would be too much for me. By gum it was. The pastry is sweet, bouncy and glossy – if I were to compare the pastry ring itself to some other baked good that I’ve previously had it would be challah.

In essence this is a Eastern European Danish pastry with a thicker central filling and a firmer pastry. I would rather have one of these, to be honest.

Food item: Pêche de Vigne

Now these were a real find. I missed these the last two years on account of not having the free Saturdays to go to Borough when these are in season. So here we are in late July with crates of Pêche de Vigne (also known as Indian peaches) available for me to sample.

The Pêche de Vigne is an interesting type of peach, having been traditionally been planted as a way to attract disease away from vineyards. When you cut into them one cannot help but wonder if generations of winemaking has rubbed off on them. The vivid purple-red of the initial juice is a sight to behold, as is the clean up afterwards as that is staining juice.

There are a number of suggested ways to eat these, but since these are peaches I figured it would be best to go for the au natural approach by peeiling them and eating them. Had to give them a quick sniff before I prepared them though – truly a summer smell.

Whilst these may look like peaches they don’t really taste too much like peaches. Sure there is that sweet peachy hint to them, but there is an overriding tartness that reminds me more of raspberries or brambles.

Food item: Danish Pastry

Crossing off the Vatrushka made me think that it was high time that I got some Danish pastries in order to just get that little bit further on the food list. Instead of settling for just one type I got a selection of mini Danishes.

Now I have had actual Danishes in actual Denmark, so I know that these can taste better when in the authentic surroundings. Still, a check is a check.

Progress: 908/933

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