Graphic Content – Jingle Jangle Comics

List Item:  Read half of the 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die
24/501Title: Jingle Jangle Comics
Creators: Steven Douglas & George L. Carlson
Year: 1942-1949
Country: USA

Right, so apparently we are statistically behind on children’s comics ¬†and so we opted to do¬†Jingle Jangle Comics.¬†It’s from the 1940s and, boy, it has not aged well.

To start off with I need to give it a bit of slack when it comes to content as it¬†is¬†aimed at children. Most of the text reads like a transcript from an appalling night in an improv club. I bet as a child I would have found the puns funny (in the same way I found a joke about a caterpillar with wooden legs funny). In the cold light of adulthood it’s just a bit boring.

Oh and racist. In places this is a very racist comic. For example there is a black manservant called Mahogany that, at some point, is basically used like furniture. Also dotted around are the recognisable stereotypes of cannibalistic natives and regular black people with the big red lips. It was… uncomfortable to read this on my train right to work. Even more so than¬†Gone With The Wind¬†because at least then it wasn’t visually racist!

It makes me wonder how many of this sort of comics are left for me to encounter in the 1001 list. Makes me want to stay clear of this era for a while now… or at least comics where this is likely to form part of the material.

Now it wasn’t all bad. As a comic it is made up from a number of smaller stories similar to¬†Beano¬†or¬†Dandy.¬†I quite liked the Bingo stories for their more leftfield take on fairytales, but after a while that also became a bit grating…


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