Level One – Super Mario Galaxy 2

List Item: Play 100 of the greatest computer games
Progress: 57/100Title: Super Mario Galaxy 2
Developer: Nintendo EAD Tokyo
Platform: Wii
Year: 2010
Position: #84

As someone with a recovering wrist injury this may not have been the best game to go for next. There are a lot of different wrist actions that you need to utilise when playing this game from shaking, flicking, pointing and tilting.

Being able to play this to the end with regular breaks has actually been a great way to monitor my recovery – in my final session I was playing for about 3 hours (mostly on the Yoshi section of the final level – I seriously hate that final section with the moving platforms and the lava monsters).

I know I probably should have gone for Resident Evil 4 or something a bit higher on the list, but I have been wanting to play this for YEARS. It was just my hub’s 1001 games blog that stopped me as we were meant to play it together. Whoops.

So Super Mario Galaxy 2 started out as an expansion/add-on to the original game, but because of so much content it was spun out into a game of its own. Aside from some new power ups and the addition of Yoshi (which is good for cuteness, but not as much for gameplay) this is pretty much the same game as Super Mario Galaxy.

What it’s missing though is the story. In the original Super Mario Galaxy the sub-plot of the lonely girl and the star was actually quite beautiful. In Super Mario Galaxy 2 the story is just the same Mario vs Bowser that we have had many times before. Usually that’s fine, but since this is a direct sequel it just felt like they could have continued the feels from the original game.

As a platformer goes it is hard to fault. The sheer wealth of imagination on display in this game is (excuse the pun) out of this world. The difficulty has, at least for me, been upped from the the first Galaxy game and the addition of the Spin Drill and Cloud power-ups are very welcome.

The only way I would say the difficulty has reduced is how it comes packaged with a how-to DVD. As I have been playing platformers for a while I never even thought of sticking this in and watching it. It’s an interesting idea, I guess, but this game isn’t rocket science like Crusader Kings II – now THAT is a game that could use instructional videos outside of fan made ones on YouTube.

I definitely enjoyed Super Mario Galaxy 2, but I think that being a sequel to one of (if not the) best platformer of all time is very difficult. I think the original was better – then again I played that 8 years ago.


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