Good Eatin’: Merluza a la Gallega

How weird it is that it is currently the summer solstice and I am writing a post for the end of the year. It’s not like I haven’t tried to engineer a catch-up by now posting five times (five!) a week. True, I took a posting break for Christmas… but this is really getting silly.

Who knows, it might be six posts a week soon!

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food booksFood item: Merluza a la Gallega

It has been an awfully long time since I had hake. Over two years in fact. Probably explains why I didn’t try and make it into one of the two dishes on the second list.

I have been tossing about the possibility of abandoning the second food list and just focusing on the original 1001 list. Then I make something like this and I remember why I included it in the first place.

For whatever reason hake is not a popular fish in the UK. I mean it’s like cod in taste and can be fished sustainably yet we choose to continue the exploitation of cod.

Still, it means that hake is cheap (for a fish) so I can make this Spanish dish. Those Spaniards love this fish, and I can see why. It’s subtle and slightly sweet which means it goes with a lot of different flavoirs – in this case paprika, garlic and the miscellaneous spices found in chorizo.

It’s a quick and easy one pot meal that can easily use other fish (like pollock or cod), but for the real thing go for the hake. Recipe here.

Progress: 905/933

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