XL Popcorn – La Maman et La Putain

List Item: Watch all of the “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die”
Progress: 577/1007
Title: La Maman et La Putain (The Mother and the Whore)
Director: Jean Eustache
Year: 1973
Country: France

When a sketch show does a bit on a stereotypical example of what a French film is you pretty much have a bitesize version of La Maman et La Putain. It is slow. It features people talking things that they think is high concept, but it actually shit. There is a lot of ennui and this (somehow) leads to a threeway.

At the centre of the films ‘sex triangle’ is the insufferable Alexandre. He is lethargic, he is incredibly chauvinistic and he is nowhere near as smart as he thinks he is. As a lead he is a dud, and the same can be said of his acting. And the acting of the others in this film. And the sound editing, which is so inconsistent that I started thinking back on my favourite bad movie Birdemic.

This entire film is steeped in dialogue that, to be honest, feels shallow to the point of being pointless. I have been able to watch a silent films of films that mostly involve sketching and they were so much more engaging than this was.

3 and a half hours that I am never going to get back, and since I am not fluent in French it wasn’t like I could grab Candy Crush to perk me up.


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