Acclaimed Albums – Darkness On The Edge Of Town by Bruce Springsteen

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 117/250Title: Darkness On The Edge Of Town
Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Year: 1978
Position: #101

So here we are again with Bruce Springsteen. Almost two years ago I had a go at Born To Run and really fell for the title track and now it is time for me to have a go at the second of his four albums on the list.

It is interesting to note that with the four albums of his on the Top 250 list that there is a direct correlation between their age and their position. Obviously this does not hold true for his vast discography (otherwise he would have to be producing absolute shit right now) because he released albums in between these four.

Like with all albums (with a few exceptions) I listen to it multiple times, usually 2 or 3 depending on the albums length or my own interest and after the first listen I wasn’t too interested. I guess that what I was missing was the big follow up to the song ‘Born To Run’ (as well as the rest of the Born To Run album) and, therefore, was set up to be disappointed.

A second listen helped a lot with this album and I managed to pick out some tracks that I like ‘Badlands’ and ‘Racing In The Street’.  The whole album felt more thoughtful (yet more rocky) than Born To Run and I swear that The E Street Band was far more included in this album as a whole. I could have done without all the saxophone… but this is the 1970s after all and the year we saw the release of ‘Baker Street’. What I am saying is that saxophones were truly in vogue.

Two more Bruce Springsteen albums left and, despite the fact that it is the lowest, I have the feeling I will be enjoying Born In The U.S.A. more than this one. Why? Four words: ‘Dancing In The Dark’ – I adore that song.


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