Good Eatin’: Morcilla de Burgos and Other Delicious Things

Now that I am getting a lot more movement back into my wrists the food is starting to come in thick and fast. I could split so many foods over a number of posts, but any excuse to reduce the gap.

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food booksFood item: Morcilla de Burgos

Starting off with the Spanish blood sausage in the title. This is one of those meats that I have been looking forward for a very long time. I can’t quite believe that I was able to find this at Borough Market!

In order to prepare this I cut it into thick coins, floured each side and then fried for 90 seconds a side in about 1 cm of rice bran oil.

This blood sausage is surprisingly juicy and meaty. Highly savoury and with an earthy spice (possibly curtosy of cumin). After the frying the case became crispy and this went very well with a rocket and roasted red pepper salad.

I enjoyed the high rice content in the dish. Hell I liked everything about this. Definitely going to be buying this again.

IMG_3311Food item: Goujons of Sole with Tartare Sauce

One of those weirdly specific food items from the second book, up there with the salmon and hollandaise sauce.  Of course fish and tartare sauce goes very well together, but I am not sure why sole is specifically singled out for attention in this book. Just a good white fish would work here… but pollock would not feel as decadent as sole.

Food item: Dill Pickle

Since I am trying to diet (down 18 pounds now) there is a need for me to find some good low calorie snacks. Keeping all of this in mind I decided to reignite my love of pickles. I have already consumed a jar of these (so this is a picture of the second jar). God bless the humble low calorie pickle.

Food items: Pierogis and Hungarian Paprika

Another dinner here (with some Heck Italia Chicken Sausages). Pierogis are one of those foods that I forgot was on the list and made it a last minute addition to our weekly Tesco shop (one of the many benefits of living in an area with many eastern European people). I think it’s very hard to downplay how wonderful pierogis are and they are just so versatile. Here I have got cheese and potato ones, but usually I prefer it when they are chock full of meat.

Together with the pierogis is the Hungarian paprika. This is the second of two paprikas on the list (the other being the smoky Pimenton de la Vera) and this is a very different taste. I actually used it to make a Hungarian tomato sauce and a generous half tablespoon later you had a gorgeously piquant sauce with a hint of sweetness.

Food item: Panch Phoran

Who knew that I would be able to get panch phoran in Tesco. When cooking with it is important to remember to fry it lightly first before using it to flavour the foods. This delicious mix of black mustard seed, fenugreek, fennel seeds, cumin and nigella just added so much to the butternut squash spaghetti. For a while the sweetness of the fennel seeds was rather overpowering to the point that the stir-fry began to smell a bit like marmalade (which was weird). When the dish was finished there was a tantalizing clash of spice, sweet and earth. Perfect for flavouring vegetables when you are on a diet!

Progress: 890/933

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