Good Eatin’: Wild Garlic Leaves and a Trio of Cheeses

Whilst I was off with the bad wrist I had no real opportunity to go to Borough Market. Then when I got back to work I had two Saturdays in a row where I needed to work. So… after a few months I was really jonesing for a visit.

On this visit I actually ended up buying more list foods than this, but these are things that I will gradually bringing out for months to come (I am excited about finding a future use for the amchur powder that I bought).

Still, here was what we had for dinner after visiting the market!

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food booksFood item: Wild Garlic Leaf

Just off the bat – these leaves have a vibrant green colour and the white flowers hidden in bunch were really quite sweet to look at. When you bite into leaf it has a faint garlicky taste that builds into quite a kick. They do not smell of garlic until chopped up… then wow.

I order to maximize the flavour I combined finely chopped garlic leaves fresh from the mezzaluna with some rice bran oil to make a salad dressing. I was definitely not disappointed with this salad dressing (and for a big bowl of salad you only need three leaves as they are pretty powerful). Maybe with some of the remaining leaves I will combine them with light mayonnaise and stick them on a chicken burger.

IMG_3315Food items: Tilsiter, Harzer Roller and Crottin De Chavignol (it’s on both lists)

I know I know!  I am meant to be dieting, but I was really good with the portions and still ended up underneath my calorie count for the day. Huzzah!

Tilsiter – A cheese on the butter/milder end of the spectrum. It has the initial rubbery gloss of fake plastic cheese but this gives way after you star chewing into something more firm (making it semi-firm I guess).

Being so mild I would liken it to a mild and less nutty emmental or gouda. I can see this would be superb to melt.

Herzer Roller – the translucency of this cheese is rather off-putting. This has more of a nose to it than the tilsiter. Like the tilsiter it has a bit of rubberiness between the teeth. tastewise there is an initial rush of saltiness. Sometimes there was an accent of caraway (depending on where you bit). We obviously got the younger version of the cheese.

It’s a 1% fat cheese so, as I am dieting, this makes me very happy. This basically like a firm jelly cheese… kinda like Babybel. it makes for a good snacking cheese. I like.

Crottin De Chavignol – The strongest of the bunch and is that odd mix of powerful and yet creamy (not sure where that’s happened before). This is most definitely not a rubber cheese. Closest I can link it too is the Selles-sur-Cher I had nearly a year ago.

Progress: 884/933


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