Good Eatin’: Pork Schnitzel and Creme Caramel

So I have the privilege to be posting 6 months ahead of myself… and this needs to stop. Since I have so many lists on the go (with one or two more waiting in the wings to be included) I am scheduling these posts a ridiculous amount in advance. Because of this, I am having to play guessing games with the album and movie lists lest I write about something that ends up being removed.

So, until I can decrease this lead to 3-4 months in advance it looks like I am going to have to schedule 5 posts a week.  It’s a good thing I can (mostly) type again!

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food booksIMG_3306Food item: Pork Schnitzel

Guess who has two thumbs and is trying to lose weight again. I actually got to 299 pounds (I’m 6’3” so although it’s not great this doesn’t make me as big as it sounds) so it’s time to try and tick off that bucket list item of being my ideal weight for at least a month.

So far I am down 13 pounds (87 pounds to go) and one of my happy go to meals is this pork schnitzel on top of spiralized courgette and butternut squash. A few weeks ago Lidl had an alpine week and were selling frozen packs of this schnitzel. Needless to say I am addicted and I have two more packs of 6 in the freezer.

The German part of me just sings every single time I stick one of these in the oven to heat through. If it is ever Alpine week at your local Lidl: remember to stock up on their frozen pork schnitzels.

IMG_3304Food item: Creme Caramel

In the interest of weight loss I was gleeful to find that Lidl also did their own version of creme caramel that was only 88 calories a pot. I have had creme caramel a lot in my life (it’s really one of those safe bets on any restaurant menu), but there is something beautiful in the simplicity of a store-bought version with a pull tab on the bottom to make sure it plops out.

Of all the store bought creme caramels this one from Lidl is definitely the best I have ever had… so if you’re in Lidl and you see a very tall redhead scouring the dessert section for a pack of creme caramels, well, it might just be me.

Progress: 879/933


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