Good Eatin’: Since I’ve Been Off

We appear to be in the home stretch here. The pain is not as it once was, but it still means I can not type for longer than a few minutes without my wrist hurting or my fingers from going numb. So the dictated reviews and a ridiculous posting schedule continues on.

Being off with an arm that, at times, will not even allow me to open my front door has not allowed me many opportunities to cook or get food list items in. This post is effectively a round up of 4 foods that I had by sheer coincidence and the final one as a test to see if I could start cooking again.

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

IMG_3263Food item: Crudites

These acted as snacks when I watched the Oscars with my mum. There is not too much to said about sticks of raw vegetables and dipping them into sauces other than it gives the illusion of being healthy when it really isn’t. I applaud any snack that can do this.

IMG_3265Food item: French Toast

Fast forward to Mother’s Day and it’s French toast for brunch at the Walnuts tea room. I remember having the best French toast ever in New York where the place called it Freedom toast after France refused to back America’s invasion of Iraq. It’s a shame how such a delicious breakfast item can get dragged through the political mud when it should be allowed to be what it is.

IMG_3271Food item: Apple Pie

Now we are at the Easter weekend and there is apple pie as dessert. I know that this should have been homemade, but I find it hard to argue with Waitrose quality. There must be so many different variations on the apple pie that it would be a big list in itself to try them all. For now, I am happy to cross this off.

IMG_3285Food Item: Pecan Pie

One thing that I have learnt is to always scan the ‘reduced to clear’ section for cheap list meals. I lucked out with these mini pecan pies. They were a bit too sweet for my taste (which I am guessing may not be indicative of the dessert), but I just love the taste of pecans and pastry so much that it was easy to plough through it. So easy, in fact, that I almost didn’t get a photo in time.

IMG_3282Food Item: Trout With Fennel

We are now in mid-April and this is the first time in a while that I have tried to cook. Using this recipe I figured that it would make for a nice re-introduction. Man, I missed cooking. I’ve missed video games even more, but I know that’s out of the question until I no longer have pain in my wrists. This trout with fennel recipe was so easy to make that I was able to finish making this with minimal pain in my wrists.

If it were not for the food lists I might have never bought a bulb of fennel, let alone paired it with fish. The reason that fish and fennel are paired on this list twice is because it works so well together. I also found that fennel and trout also works very well with bacon. Then again, what doesn’t work well with bacon? The eternal question.

Progress: 874/933


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