Acclaimed Albums – Loveless by My Bloody Valentine

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 110/250Title: Loveless
Artist: My Bloody Valentine
Year: 1991
Position: #56

If you are a person who loves their music you come to develop a number of sides to your musical personality. More than phases, but actual elements of you that music is able to provide the soundtrack to. Loveless is one of those albums that is able to tap into the part of me that can adore the distortion of noise and dream pop/rock.

Back in 2015 it was Beach House’s track ‘Elegy To The Void’ that fed this side of me, but previous touchstones have included Treats by Sleigh Bells, Goo by Sonic Youth, Visions by Grimes and Past Life Martyred Saints by EMA.

Loveless, and replays of Lost In The Dream, might just be the next step in my musical evolution. Or, paraphrasing Björk, might be the final side of me. I am getting more and more aware that, being 26, my music taste is starting to cement in place. It means that I am getting more desperate to widen my tastes… even if I am still unable to see the buzz behind To Pimp A Butterfly.

I wonder what the world would have been like if, in the pivotal year of 1991, we had not seen the release of NevermindWithout the rise of grunge would shoegaze have continued to rise? I wonder.

Then again, maybe shoegaze just had it’s time. I mean I listen to Loveless and it still sounds remarkably fresh. Tracks like ‘Soon’ and ‘I Only Said’ could still be made right now. In fact, I can hear a lot of other bands in this and yet it doesn’t feel ripped off. The fact that shoegaze stayed under the radar has probably helped with its longevity.

In any case, this is the best ‘new album’ I have heard from this Acclaimed Albums list. As in the best album that I had never heard any of the tracks of and was able to go into completely cold.

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