Good Eatin’: Anniversary Meal at the Hawksmoor

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

As of writing this it has been 7 years since I got together with hub. In a fairly recent (but now beloved) tradition we are trying to hit up some great restaurants for our anniversary. Big bonus of our anniversary – it’s so near Valentine’s that we tend to get easy reservations.

Last year we went to Toscana, a local Italian restaurant where I tried calf’s liver for the first time. This year beef is still on the menu as we head to the Hawksmoor in Seven Dials, London.

IMG_0915Food items: Chateaubriand and Bone Marrow

In terms of the number of food items being crossed off of the list this is a small post, however this is easily one of the best meals I have ever had in a restaurant. We went to the Hawksmoor for two reasons: a recommendation from the parental and because they offer chateaubriand.

At the Hawksmoor you pay for chateaubriand by the weight. We appeared to be the first people to order chateaubriand this evening, which meant that we were able to snag the smallest (800g) on offer. By ordering the chateaubriand I am able to say that I have been to a fancy restaurant and ordered the most expensive thing on the menu.

The chateaubriand steak was so incredibly tender, and pretty much no fat whatsoever. We ordered it medium rare and with a separate Béarnaise sauce. Together they worked so beautifully. Now, when you add a bit of bone marrow to the mix and you get something truly decadent.

Bone marrow is one of those ingredients that always felt a little bit weird, then again I feel that way about all offal. One thing that surprised me about the bone marrow was just how greasy it was. It’s not one of those things that I would be able to eat regularly, but I can imagine it making a really rich gravy. It did feel like I was eating beef fat though.

Our sides for this meal were: buttered greens, macaroni cheese and triple cooked chips.


Okay, the peanut butter shortbread with salt caramel ice cream has nothing to cross off. However, it was gorgeous to look at. Plus the ice cream was especially gorgeous.


It was only a week ago where I was declaring Ameixas D’Elvas as one of the most expensive things that I have ever eaten for this food list. After tonight – there is a clear title holder. £104 for one item… although it was shared between hub and myself.

Progress: 865/933


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