Good Eatin’: Lunch At Oversea, Gerrard Street

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

So our friend was still down and we had tickets to the matinee of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical. This meant lunch was needed to prevent us from drooling at the songs about chocolate.

A trip to Chinatown to find a good set menu for three was in order. After scouting Gerrard Street we settled on the Oversea Chinese Restaurant and stuffed our faces until we were satisfied.

IMG_3225Food items: Crispy Seaweed and Bumbu Kacang

There was a proper mix of Chinglish starters on offer. The ribs were probably the best bit with their slightly fruity sauce. However, for list purposes I have the focus on the crispy seaweed and the satay sauce (aka the bumbu kacang). I do love me a good piece of satay chicken, and the sauce actually made for good dipping for the crispy seaweed. I am no illusions that what we call crispy seaweed is actually shredded and deep fried cabbage – but I don’t think I could eat shredded and deep fried seaweed… so I’ll let it slide.

IMG_3226Food item: Aromatic Crispy Duck

Watching the waitress pull the duck meat with a fork and spoon has really inspired me to try and make my own pullable meat again. There is a strange art to something like that, and I want to master it.

For years I would not eat duck because I thought they were too cute. Now, just pass me the pancakes as I think it’s gorgeous. I normally find duck to fatty to eat as leg or breast meat, so this Chinese preparation of roasting it until crispy is the main way for me to go. With the sweet hoisin sauce, cucumber and spring onions this is a real winner.

IMG_3227Food item: Sichuan Pepper Chicken

Okay, so this was an unintentional list item. Also, I now understand more about what makes this a Szechuan dish thanks to watching hours of Iron ChefIt is one of those dishes that is probably toned down for the English palate as I would have expected a lot more chilli in this. Or maybe my expectations have been morphed by a love of Chen Kenichi’s cooking.

Still, it was a nice dish to have as part of a set menu. I think we preferred the sweet and sour prawns and the crispy shredded chilli beef overall… but the chicken was good too.

IMG_3210Food item: Swiss Roll

Okay, so this wasn’t from the Chinese place. I have had this picture of a Swiss roll for a long time and not been able to find a post to attach it too. Thanks mum for getting this for our weekly dinner. It was delicious!

Progress: 863/933

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