Good Eatin’: Risotto and Red Snapper

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

IMG_3200 IMG_3202
Food item: Carnaroli Rice Food item: Risotto Milanese

By the time I was ladelling the last spoonful of stock into the risotto it began to look like liquid gold/yellow food colouring. This is my first time cooking with saffron. It still ranks as one of the most expensive spices that I ever cooked with (lemon myrtle being another contender).

I don’t think the picture does justice for just how yellow it was. Plenty of parmesan cheese on top to finish only helping with the yellowness. Tastewise, this is on the subtler side with the stock, onion and cheese acting as the main flavouring.

I know that risotto is usually serves as a side dish or as a first course, but in this case it became a main course for us. In fact, the recipe that I used stated that the amount it made was for 6-8 people. 3-4 as a main if you ask me.

IMG_3203Food items: Red Snapper, Puy Lentils, Lentilles de Puy (yes a duplicate on the list)

Thanks be to the good people of the third smallest Iceland in the UK for stocking this red snapper. It has been sat in my freezer for 2-3 months as I kept forgetting to take it out. After a lot of web searching it was a simple recipe from allrecipes that caught my eye. Other than going out to buy a fresh lemon this became a real store cupboard recipe.

Now, I ended up using the heather honey I so disliked in this marinade, and I wasnt to re-evaluate this ingredient. Having been toned down by the vinegar and the lemon this heather was  a lot less pungent. The red snapper itself was slightly sweet, firm and flaked easily with the fork. It took on the flavours so readily, which would make this idea for a barbecue… now if only we had a garden.

To go with the red snapper there was sliced runner beans and Puy lentils. I am a latecomer to the world of lentils. It’s not exactly a staple of British cooking, but my first ever exposure in a curry was a pleasant one. These lentils from the Le Puy mixed very well with everything on the plate. Not necessarily the best pulse to look at, but a great side.


It’s times like this when going after this list feels worthwhile. I would never have made red snapper with lentils otherwise.

Progress: 847/933


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