XL Popcorn – The Magnificent Ambersons

List Item: Watch all of the “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die”
Progress: 461/1007Title: The Magnificent Ambersons
Director: Orson Welles
Year: 1942
Country: USA

Okay, so I am going to file this under the category of ‘classic movies that I did not get’. Right next to Citizen Kane and Singin’ In The Rain. I mean, I would classify this as okay. Like a 6/10 style of okay.

Straight after watching this I switched on Big Hero 6 for a bit of background viewing. I am obviously some sort of animation-loving philistine. Okay, that isn’t exactly news. I am pretty accepting of the fact that animated films are my favourite genre. Maybe I should find an animation list to follow once I’ve completed the Oscar list.

Anyway. FOCUS. The problem that I had The Magnificent Ambersons was three-fold:

  1. The lack of any likeable characters
  2. The abrupt ending
  3. General lack of focus

I think latter two problems arose for me because of how the film was edited. By edited I mean massacred. It is well known that The Magnificent Ambersons was practically decimated by RKO Studios. Over an hour of footage that was cut and destroyed. Which sucks because I can see a lot in this film that I could have liked.

Apart from the lost footage issue – I just could not stand the lead character of George Amberson. I am not sure if he has a fullblown Oedipus complex or if he is just an arsehole. I feel that I missed the point of him entirely. The thing is, it would appear that a lot of the parts in the movie that would signpost his improvement in temperament (or possible slight redemption) was edited out. So we are left with… this.

I still have Touch of Evil to change my mind with… but I fear I may not get the wonder of Orson Welles.

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