Level One – The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past

List Item: Play 100 of the greatest computer games
Progress: 53/100Title: The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past
Developer: Nintendo
Platform: SNES
Year: 1991
Position: #15

So, I have not done a video game for this list since Super Mario Kart since I have been revamping this list. How much of a revamp? Well, the number of lists I have used has more than tripled thanks to a lot of help from one amazing person who contacted me on the blog. I mean, wow so many thanks for that.

I figured that I might as well start off with this new list (that has been SO LONG in the making) with one of the higher entrants that I own: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Whilst I don’t have a SNES or have ever played the SNES version, I do have the WiiWare version so was able to play it on the Wii U controller whilst the current husband played Jak & Daxter for his gaming blog.

This is one of the big games. In fact, early on in the formation of this list A Link to the Past occupied the top of the list for a good while. Why? Because it’s one of those games that truly inspired a generation of game makers. It’s also interesting because SO many things that have happened in later Zelda games such as the Master Sword, the device that can transport you between worlds and, the ever irritating, pieces of heart containers.

One thing that amazed me about this game is just how long it is. I know that people can do proper speedruns of this game in ~4 hours, but for a new person who has no idea which door to go through of that you actually need to set fire to that creepy tree that looks like an ant it’s a long game.

Like the original Legend of Zelda game (and pretty much all that followed) the game takes place in between dungeons and the outside world. It’s a bit more linear than the first Zelda game, but not by that much. For example, I was able to find the coin (?) that gave you the earthquake ability AGES before you needed it, but it took me ages to find the Magic Cloak. I know that if I could have found that earlier I would have been less angry at those stupid rotating sticks made of fireballs. Still, that’s what walkthroughs/replays would be for.

Now, I am going to be honest here. As much as I enjoyed A Link to the Past, I was beginning to get pretty sick of things around about the Ice Dungeon part. I don’t think it helped that multiple times I died because it wouldn’t allow me to go up or down the stairs. Ugh! Also, after a number of dungeons I did end up feeling a bit of fatigue at the sheer amount of repetition.

Still, I kept going. The number of items that actually meant you could form numerous tactics to defeat the same boss kept things interesting. Although, if you are agile enough there are a number of bosses that are rather easy. The first boss? Yea okay that makes sense. But then there is Blind who was just ridiculously easy as all you need to do is hack the head and avoid laser beam eyes.

Ganon though? Wow, that took a long time. Also, since when did he have a pig face? Or did I greatly misinterpret the pixels? Also, since when did Link have pink hair. The game just continues to blow my mind!

Now, I have no idea which of these I will be playing next. Maybe I’ll see what comes up on my partners blog.

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