Acclaimed Albums – Modern Vampires of the City by Vampire Weekend

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 106/250Title: Modern Vampires of the City
Artist: Vampire Weekend
Year: 2013
Position: #218

So it appears that I’m just ignoring my earlier rule of trying to cross off albums from the upper echelons of the list. Then again, Vampire Weekend just ended up being this year’s ‘taking the Christmas decorations down’ theme music… so my hand was forced.

Not forced by too much. Vampire Weekend usually ends up in my January music rotation anyway. That’s why I was slightly thrown off when Modern Vampires of the City ended up being released in the middle of 2013. I still ended up listening to it a lot that year thanks to standout tracks like ‘Worship You’, ‘Hanna Hunt’ and ‘Diane Young’.

Then again, if you ask me, Modern Vampires of the City is not Vampire Weekend’s best album. I would give that accolade to Contra. I know that this puts me in the minority if the rankings on Acclaimed Albums is to be believed, but I feel it is just a far more consistent album. Also, it contains ‘White Sky’, ‘Giving Up The Gun’ and ‘Cousins’ –  the first two ranking as my two favourite Vampire Weekend tracks.

Still, Modern Vampires of the City is a really good album. Maybe not my favourite of 2013. Maybe not my favourite Vampire Weekend album. Still, it’s a good album.

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