Good Eatin’: Tagine & Beans

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

Okay, so apparently this is speeding up again. Not that I am complaining as it means that I can continue this somewhat insane schedule where I am posting 4 times a week and yet are still over 6 months ahead. Not bad eh?

Food item: Breaded Scampi

See? Some of these are still ridiculously easy. A bag of frozen scampi from Tesco and somehow this is still a list item. Not that I am complaining. It’s just that I would have been able to cross this off a few weeks ago if I had remembered this. I like these best with salt and vinegar.
Food item: Lamb Tagine, Tabbouleh and Apricots

It’s been a while since I have been able to snag a list food from the work canteen. This time I managed to get two because the tagine contained dried apricots. Whilst I can not imagine this tagine being made in a proper tagine pot it tastes enough like tagines I have had before so I’ll take this as a check off.

It was, however, slightly more oily than usual. Luckily the accompanying tabbouleh made a valiant effort to absorb everything it could.

Food item: Butter Beans and Cannellini Beans

I have had these tins in my cupboard for a few months now. I am not a bean person (cue strange mental image of Mr Peanut with a ginger wig) so I had to force a situation to get them into a meal.

Making enough pork chilli to last 2-3 days appeared to be my option. I also included a random jar of salsa and a half full jar of kalamata olives to complete the chilli.

Now I immediately thought that a bean was a bean when it came to flavour. The fact that the cannellini beans are pretty much the same as the beans in baked beans did not even occur to me. Of the two I preferred the butter beans because they had a bit more bite to them. Definitely things to be included in future chillis.

Progress: 832/933

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