Good Eatin: Post-Boxing Day Food Splurge

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

It’s the end of 2015, and I am rather happy to say that I have been able to make so much progress on my lists that I have been able to build up a 6 month posting buffer. Looks like I might be sticking with four posts a week for now. Also, I have started to make my way through a bit of a backlog of food items that have been piling up in the cupboards during a rather busy time at work.

Food item: Pate au Foie de Canard

Okay, so in the book it says ‘duck liver pate’ in French, so I am going to count this duck and clementine pate that I found in Morrisons. Is it odd for me to prefer pork and chicken-based pates over duck and game pates?

Pate is meant to be rich, but from my experience with different pates I just think that pork and chicken liver work better as flavour bases. Duck and game meats just dominate too much. Is this just me? Also, how decadent is it to be able to compare pates!

Food item: Oysters Rockerfeller

Speaking of decadent – how about some oysters rockerfeller for lunch? How about, no thank you. It’s another one of those cases where (like with the Coquilles St. Jacques) the coating is good, but the moment I get to the shellfish underneath… not as keen. The mix of parsley, spring onion and other herbs that I could not work out made for a delicious coating. The oyster underneath… not as much.

Food item: Tangerine

I guess I am a simple man of simple pleasures since I would prefer to eat a tangerine than either of the above foods. Also, just putting this out there, tangerines are easily better than satsumas, clementines and mandarins. Not even a bad tangerine can have the sourness that other small citrus fruit can have if they aren’t ripe enough or just of poor quality.

Food items: Sea Bass with Fennel and Florence Fennel

As our December 27th meal I decided to go heavy on the list stuff and start cooking some of the fish in the freezer. Tonight’s contestant – sea bass fillets from Lidl. A big thanks to Waitrose for their recipe which was a resounding success. I think maybe next time I would opt for some slice green olives rather than Kalamata. As much as I love Kalamata, they have a tendency towards the bitter and I think a meatier olive might work better.

The fish itself… well I have to say I was sceptical with it being fish from Lidl. When will I learn that the Lidl of today is different from the Lidl from 15 years ago, whose dog food burned a permanent stain into the kitchen floor.

Also a revelation was the fennel (Florence fennel is pretty much any bulb fennel you can get). I expected something a bit more concentrated than the mild aniseed taste that I got. It also wilted rather nicely in a similar way to leek.

Now, this meal was meant to be accompanied by more vegetables, but seeing how my oven doesn’t correlate with roasting times (and only roasting times) we had to have this 5 minutes later.
Food items: Turnips and Tarragon Vinegar

For this I followed a recipe from Food and Wine, except I replaced the mustard and white wine vinegar with the tarragon vinegar that hub bought me for Christmas.

I have to say that I was very pleased with the results. I have never eaten turnip before, but after sampling these sweet roasted baby turnips I might be turned around on the idea. The Tarragon vinaigrette was a very nice touch too.

Progress: 819/933

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