Acclaimed Albums – Moon Safari by Air

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 100/250Moonsafari.air.albumcoverTitle: Moon Safari
Artist: Air
Year: 1998
Position: #139

Moon Safari, more specifically the single ‘Kelly Watch The Stars’, was probably my first main exposure to electronic music. I believe I had it on a Brit Awards compilation and, later, my mum actually bought the album (I am lucky to be able to say that, with her love of music along the lines of Kate Bush, Animal Collective, Arcade Fire and Sufjan Stevens, I have a mum with music taste to be proud of).

Being 8 at the time and heavily into B*Witched this was a bit much of me to digest at the time. However, it obviously made an impact since, according to my charts, it is an album that gets a play every year since I joined back in August 2005.

If my patterns are anything to go by, this is a summer album for me. Seeing how downtempo Moon Safari is, I can see why I tend to reach for it in May, June and September (I guess it’s too warm in August to go on a moon safari). Tracks like ‘Ce Matin La’, ‘All I Need’ and ‘Le femme d’argent’ all lend themselves to warm evening walks.

‘Sexy Boy’ is less so, but that is just oozing. No wonder it was used in Queer as Folk.

One thing that this album lacks, which they later showed on their score for The Virgin Suicides, is something a bit more visceral. You listen to ‘Dead Bodies’ on that album, and it is a glorious release of energy and layered vocals. Then again, that would have made for a very different album to Moon Safari, which is Air’s best album by a considerable margin.

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