Graphic Content: Masterpiece Comics

List Item:  Read half of the 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die
Progress: 8/501
Title: Masterpiece Comics
Author & Illustrator: Robert Sikoryak
Year: 2009
Country: USA

I could get used to something on the more literary lists taking a day to get through. I know that there are comics coming that will take a LOT longer to read, but this was a nice diversion. Also, it has a fantastic cover and that was what made me want to go for it first (over things I have been meaning to read for years like Ghost in the Shell or X-Men).

So what is Masterpiece Comics? Well it is listed in the 1001 Comics book under the parody genre – but I prefer to think them as a number of rather cool mash-ups between famous works of fiction and famous comics or comic styles. For example, Crime and Punishment is done through the eyes of Batman. And who better to summarise Waiting for Godot than Beavis and Butthead?

I only wish there was more than this edition, but I can always re-read my favourites again.

I mean, when you put together Wuthering Heights and Tales of the Cryptkeeper (with the housekeeper Nellie as the Cryptkeeper) how can you go wrong. Sikoryak is able to get the characters dead on.


The best of the lot was, without a doubt, is the retelling of Faust using Garfield characters. Garfield makes for a perfect Mephistopheles as he simply does not care about what John/Faust does as long as he gets what he wants. In this case it is John/Faust’s soul instead of lasagne.

As much as I enjoyed this comic, I have a feeling I would have had a greater sense of fulfilment if I were further into both my comics and book list. I mean if I had read The Scarlet Letter or some Little Lulus I would have better understood the Little Pearl mash-up a bit better. I also wish I knew the comic that his take on The Picture of Dorian Grey was based on. As it stood, it was perfectly creepy, but I can’t help but feel I missed that extra wink and a nod.


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